Board [Board Games]

dylandWhen I was young I used to play board games with my family. I found board games fun until I started playing video games.
When I was around 5 years old, I used to play Candyland with my mom. I have always liked playing Candyland, It was made in 1949, in California. It is said to be one of the easiest board games to play as a kid. There are 26 different types of Candylands since the 1949 version. Continue reading

How To Succeed

This is what success is all about!

Here is what I think success is. I think that success is when you make an achievement of something that you want. {For example you are playing hockey and you have never scored a goal before until you finally do. That means you have successfully accomplished scoring your first goal.} If you have perseverance you will most probably be successful because you will never stop until you accomplish what you want or need to accomplish.

I then went to take a look at what success really was. I went to the dictionary {Cambridge} said success was, success: {achieving desired results, or achieving the result of making a lot of money. Achieving positive results on tests you have done. Achieving the results you have been waiting for, or even achieving a result.} Continue reading

Nature`s Importance

pollutionRecently I have been reading stories called The Stamp Collector, The Promise and the Web of life. These stories are about the environment and nature.

The Web of Life is a poem about how everything and everyone on earth is connected and related somehow. The Promise is about a little girl who is a thief and makes a promise to plant acorns. Everywhere she goes, there is nothing related to nature or protecting the environment, she plants the acorns and everything is now colorful. Continue reading

Yesterday`s Drums V Today`s Drums

drum kitYesterday my mom was out doing exercise and I was home alone till 8:00 o’clock at night and I was playing video games. My dad busts the door open and walks in the house with boxes from his work [UPS]. “How was your day” I asked my dad because he usually has tough days at work and I just hope for him to have a good day at work.

“It was tough but here you go” my dad said. My jaws dropped because my dad gave me a brand new drum set. The drum set came from my dad’s friend but he has had it for a while and he forgot he had it.

The difference between my old drum set and my new drum s Continue reading

The Blank Signature by Rene Magritte

rene magritte the blank signature

A girl named Jamie was born back in the 1950s and is now 17 years old. She is so passionate about horses! After school and her homework she would hop on her horse Marguerite. Marguerite is a brown horse with a white tail and white hooves. When she was four she started taking horseback riding lessons. She found it hard since she was only 4 years old. So far she has won 13 championships up to date. She takes horseback riding very seriously because when she is older she will be a horseback rider.

Jamie would be described as a calm and lonely girl. She always wears light clothes when she goes horseback riding because she hurt herself when she wore jeans while horseback riding.

“ Tomorrow is the big day Marguerite. “ Jamie said while brushing Marguerite. She hopped on Marguerite and started practicing for the championship for tomorrow.

“ Jamie it`s time to come in the house. “ said Jamie`s mom and dad. Continue reading

Week End Fun

batman-v-superman-dawn-of-justice_bb788b6fLast week my mom left for San Diego. It was a boy’s week. We did some very fun activities.

Every Saturday I go to acting class at 10 o’clock in the morning. After I have film class. It is usually what I do on Saturdays.

I then went to the comic store with my dad and bought a comic that is about Batman and Superman. My dad and I then went to the Dix: 30. We went to Best Buy to look at some movies, Continue reading

Look At Quebec

Here are some really interesting places to visit in Canada/Quebec coming right up.

Because my birthday is in the summer I will start with things for the summer. My favorite thing to do in the summer is La Ronde. La Ronde is a Roller coaster place. It has {for me} the best roller coasters and there are so many roller coasters. When you go you are on an island. There is a roller coaster called the Monster and it’s made of wood because it was built in the 1960s. You can visit a sort of space camp. I have been to that space camp with my school. If you like astronomy, you get to see how the astronauts spend their time in space, how they past their test to see if they will become astronauts or not.

Maple syrupHere are some places you can visit in the winter time. If you are not from Quebec, you will find out that in Quebec a lot of people love going to ski. I you visit Canada and like skiing, go to Bromont if you are not so good. If you are afraid of heights go to Saint Bruno or Bromont. If you are really good and are not afraid of heights visit the Massif. It is the biggest ski hill in Quebec. Continue reading