The Finest Hours

The_Finest_Hours_posterThe Finest Hours. This movie is about a man named Bernie Webber who finally meets the love of his life, Miriam. She asks him to get married April 16th. He says yes but he is taking a big risk because he is a coast guard man and he is taking a big risk because his job is dangerous. In the movie she calls him at his work on the day he has to sail out to save the 33 men on the T2 Oil Tanker. 3 hours earlier. The Oil Tanker has received a massive blow from the wave that splashed in the ship. It created a hole that made a bunch of men in the ship go flying in the air.  2 hours later. Bernie sets out on a course with 3 other men however his friend could not go because he was “AS SICK AS A DOG.”  Miriam went to the coast guard station to find Bernie. She meets Daniel Cluff the chief of the station. She asks him if they could get married he does not care. He tells her to leave 7 times. Bernie is on his way to save the T2 Oil Tanker, however he lost his compass so he does not know where he is.

Image source : This is a poster for The Finest Hours. The poster art copyright is believed to belong to Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.