Terrifying Times

I honestly don’t know anyone who likes nightmares. I personally hate them and I mean it. I once had a nightmare that involved my mom and I. My mom brought me to this granny’s house and she kidnapped me while my mom was not there. It was weird. I also had another one where I was walking in the street at night and in this alley and is this witch who is cooking soup and I was sucked by the soup and I was eaten. I once had anoblack catther nightmare a few weeks ago when I was at school playing in the school yard at recess when a lightning strike hit the floor and created an explosion and I died along side my friends.

A nightmare is where your dream starts to get scary and you start panicking in real life. I once cried because I was so scared because a clown scared so badly. These terrifying dreams are usually when one of your fears comes in your dream and starts scaring you. Nightmares freak people out which is why I hate nightmares. In the movie Divergent the main character can realize when her nightmare is fake. When I get scared in a nightmare I wake up and go sleep in my mom or dad’s room. I especially don’t like it when it is a school day on the night I have a nightmare. I know some people who lose a loved one and get nightmares often. Nightmares are natural. Halloween is coming soon. Continue reading